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Scottish Shorts - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014
When: 28 Jun 2014 Sat 15:20
Where: Filmhouse 1

⇒Scottish Shorts - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014
A thrilling showcase of brand new Scottish short filmmaking talent Five innovative and creatively engaged works cutting across an eclectic mix of live-action drama and animation, developed by the DigiCult & Hopscotch Films scheme. Featuring work by BAFTA winners Martin Smith and animators Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson, they plunge the viewer into vibrant scenarios examining adolescent strife, intense emotions and tumultuous romantic relationships
本次将展映由DigiCult & Hopscotch电影计划开发制作的5部全新的苏格兰短片,5部短片以独特的创造性和创新性超越了真人版短片动画。本次展映的作品有英国电影电视艺术学院奖(BAFTA)获得者Martin Smith执导的作品,亦有动画电影大师Will Anderson和Ainslie Henderson联合执导的作品。他们以独特的电影手法对当代什会的青少年冲突、强烈情感以及动荡的浪漫关系发起了审视,让观众投入到充满活力的剧情中。

《Exchange & Mart》剧照
《猴子爱实验》Monkey Love Experiments
Ainslie Henderson, Will Anderson/UK/2014/9 min
Inspired by love, a misguided monkey believes he is destined for the moon.

《Exchange & Mart》
Cara Connolly, Martin Clark/UK/2013/15 min
It's 1986 and, amid the emerging sexual awareness of pupils attending a girl's school in the Scottish Borders, students are being taught an unorthodox self-defence class.

Martin Smith/UK/2014/14 min
A reckless act results in shifting allegiances within a group of teenagers seeking thrills in a remote seaside town.

Rory Alexander Stewart/UK/2013/14 min
Tempers run high and long obscured tensions within a friendship bubble to the fore amid the course of a barmaid's trying day

《降落》As He Lay Falling
Ian Waugh/UK/2014/19 min
Georgios is a brooding stranger working on a croft in the Highlands. Solace emerges through a visceral connection to the unfamiliar landscape, and an illicit affair with his employer's wife

Price: £5
Tel: 0044-0131-2286382
Add: 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, UK







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Bridging the Gap - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 19 Jun 2014 Thu 15:45
Where: Filmhouse 1

Five new films from the Scottish Documentary Institute's unique talent programme This diverse collection of shorts pieces together stories from across our nation, exploring a breadth of Scottish life. Meet characters as varied as an inner-city 17-year-old political activist, and an 86-year-old female crofter in the remote outer edge. Consider the grandfather-grandson relationship through the filmmaking process, delve under the surface of a blind woman's life, and examine the legacy of colonialism through the aerial photography of Kenya.

Directed by Tweedie《Tweedie执导的影片》
Duncan Cowles/UK/2014/16 min
At the age of 87, retired taxman and granddad “Tweedie” is encouraged to make a film with his filmmaker grandson. As Tweedie reluctantly takes up his new role as a filmmaker, we are invited to examine the difficulty of communication between the generations, whilst exploring the unspoken contract that binds children to their grandparents.

Igor Slepov/UK/2014/12 min
Liam McLaughlan is a 17-year-old schoolboy from Glasgow’s Easterhouse estate. He is a passionate voice within the Scottish Radical Independence Campaign determined to improve life for his community. Liam’s political engagement is deeply personal, but also provides a window into the intertwined nature of Scotland's Independence debate.

Rosie Reed Hillman/UK/2014/14 min
Morag Morrison is 86. She lives alone at the end of a track, looking out to sea on her croft on the Isle of Harris, with her three cats and 12 sheep. A portrait of Morag and her simple, peaceful life as she contemplates her next chapter, shares her unique sense of independence, and the connection she has to her wild island home.

Touch Life《触摸生活》
Leo Bruges, Marcin Knyziak/UK/2014/13 min
Agata is living the life of the modern, independent, blind woman when she meets Matt. He is attentive and loving, and now he wants to introduce Agata to his family, three thousand miles away. As she packs for the trip, Agata ponders on what it means to be in a relationship. How can you be sure of your loved one when you’ve never even seen him?

Genevieve Bicknell/UK/2014/16 min
In the mid-20th century, Britain sent surveyors out to map the world. Using their aerial photographs and the Super 8mm film they took of their expeditions, we explore colonialism and its consequences, as they are being played out today in a hillside village in Kenya.

Tickets: £5
Tel: 0044-0131-2286382
Add: 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, UK
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City and Wilderness - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 21 Jun Sat 18:30, 23 Jun Mon 16:40 2014
Where: Cameo 3

An interrogation of the artistic and political context of the cities and landscapes of our everyday lives.
A sideways excursion into the topography of human habitats, upending familiar perceptions and depictions of the places where we enact our lived experience. Representations of the city as a bewitching edge-land, at once hospitable and formidable, are juxtaposed with existences that tug at the wild and dreamlike edges of society: displaced individuals who inhabit floating temples or drift across vast, menacing natural wildernesses.

Within & Without (Sans dehors ni dedans)《在与无》
Joëlle Desjardins Paquette/Canada/2013/15 min
In a storage facility, nestled beneath a railway bridge, a mother and her son attempt to carve out a small place of sanctuary amid this transient, desolate urban environment.

Little Black Fish (Küçük kara baliklar)《小黑鱼》
Azra Deniz Okyay/Turkey, France/2013/27 min
Through the layering of closely-observed, overlapping narratives, the sometimes fragmentary, yet frequently joyous experiences of three marginalized citizens are vividly evoked.

The Palace on the Sea《海上皇宫》
Midi Z/Taiwan/2014/15 min
A floating palace, hovering liminally betwixt dream and reality, creates a conduit through which two displaced individuals may explore senses of remembrance and reflection.

Winter (Zima)《冬天》
Cristina Picchi/Russia/2013/13 min
A lyrical evocation of the harsh and unforgiving beauty embodied by the Russian landscape in the biting, crepuscular winter months.

Tickets: £5
Tel: 0044-0871-9025723
Add: 38 Home St, Edinburgh, UK
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Shorts from the Film Academies - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 25 Jun Wed 16:00, 26 Jun 2014 Thu 15:20, 27 Jun Fri 13:30
Where: Filmhouse 2

Thirteen Blue

Edinburgh University MSC Film, Exhibition and Curation students teamed up with EIFF Festival Director, Chris Fujiwara, to create short film programmes from the Creative Skillset Film Academies (Screen Academy Scotland [SAS], National Film & Television School [NFTS] and London Film School [LFS]). These programmes showcase new talent in creative storytelling on a journey of self-discovery, finding their style and cinematic voice.
爱丁堡大学电影/展览和策展专业的硕士学生与2014爱丁堡国际电影节的导演Chris Fujiwara联手打造了“短片展映单元”,放映的短片均为“创新性电影学院”的项目作品。创新性电影学院由苏格兰电影学院(SAS)、国家电影电视学院(NFTS)和伦敦电影学院(LFS)组成。放映的短片通过讲述自我发现、寻找影片风格和动画之音的过程展现了导演非凡的创造性叙事方式

The Library of Burned Books

Pieces of Me, a Bit of Us
When: 26 Jun 2014 Thu 15:20
Where: Filmhouse 2

Pieces of Me, a Bit of Us offers six works that gently explore the fragile sensation of the "I" through different stories and unique perspectives.

The Bicknell (SAS - ECA)
Genevieve Bicknell/UK/2014/17 min
A self-reflexive documentary about the yearly family reunion of the Bicknell family.

0.25 (SAS - ECA)
Conxita Fornieles, Mario Cruzado/UK/2014/3 min
Patti has a very confusing life and things seem to be out of control. When she decides to use glasses, life appears to be clearer.

Cocoons (NFTS)
Joasia Goldyn/UK/2013/31 min
A drama with an edge of dark humour set in an off-kilter world where kids assume the role of grown-ups. At the centre of the story is Stella, an independent 12-year-old girl and her friend Fixer, a charming but awkward BMX rider. When Stella's dog Frida is sold without her knowing, she accepts a bizarre job offer in a desperate attempt to buy Frida back.

Chasm (SAS - ECA)
Nelisa Alcalde, George Spyris/UK/2014/2 min
A lady in front of a mirror is covering her imperfections with make-up. Her vanity is our vanity when it comes to trying to control and subdue our cancerous nature.

Léthé (SAS - Napier)
Harald Hutter/UK, France/2014/12 min
Léthé is an invitation to go astray; an invitation to forget one's self. Léthé proposes that we embark with Gabriel as he searches to forget his (our) past(s).

Thirteen Blue (Ble Dekatria) (LFS)
Jacqueline Lentzou/UK/2013/18 min
An impressionist portrait of Ellie, a lonely only child. This summer, instead of diving in the sea, she dives into her first existential worry. In the meantime, their family friend has left to give birth in the water. Ellie finds herself changing both internally and externally. Ellie will break free.

The Heart of the Matter
When: 27 Jun 2014 Fri 13:30
Where: Filmhouse 2

The Heart of the Matter contains films that examine the comforts and challenges of life through various modes of filmmaking.

Port Nasty (NFTS)
Rob Zywietz/UK/2014/9 min
At the edge of the world, death lies in wait between every crack of ice and sheet of snow. In spite of this, a small, forgotten port town fights through the darkness to survive. In the midst of this world where every person, every action, must be held accountable, a young man must prove his worth - not only to the ship's crew he dreams of joining, but to himself.

Rewind (LFS)
Cristina Wolf/UK/2013/5 min
A high-concept action film about Abbey's nightmarish adventure that starts when she receives a magical letter in the mail. It pulls her back to her past.

Aquarium (SAS - ECA)
Gordon Napier, Liam Callander, Francesca Challis-Thompson/UK/2014/4 min
We witness not just the physical, but also mental demands of a ballet dancer who is waiting to perform on stage.

Bear With Me (SAS - Napier)
Colin Healy/UK/2013/12 min
To escape a brutal and controlling boyfriend a young Angel leaves her home in the middle of the night. She takes the only decision left to separate herself from the Bear, to get rid of the thing that grows inside of her.

Onions for Vampires (SAS - ECA)
Anita Norfolk/Norway, UK/2013/14 min
A film about mental illness, family, and vampires in the attic.

Batavia (SAS - ECA)
Niall MacDonald, Krzysztof Kubik, Syed Aziz/UK/2014/3 min
On the 27th October 1628, the newly built Batavia set sail from Holland to East India. A voyage of enlightenment and hope... that discovers only darkness and despair.

Out of the Ash (SAS - ECA)
Sandy Garfunkel/UK, USA/2013/14 min
After being robbed at gunpoint a man turns the tables on his mugger, but in trying to teach the attacker a lesson ends up confronting his own devastating memories of a childhood lost.

The Library of Burned Books (LFS)
Alasdair Beckett-King/UK/2013/9 min
The Fire Wardens march and the children stand in line for their chance to toss the banned books into the ritual flames. A young girl refuses to join in and runs from the furnace. The headmaster tries to protect her and tells her an impossible story about a chimney sweep and the Library of Burned Books. She listens. But a Fire Warden is listening, too.

Miss Todd (NFTS)
Kristina Lee/UK/2013/13 min
1910. Aviation Meet, Mineola Flying Fields, New York City. Miss E. Lillian Todd - history's first female aeronautical engineer - is making last minute checks before her plane takes to the skies. She has fought many battles to make it onto the airfield today. However her biggest challenge is yet to come, as the day's proceedings don't go quite as anyone could have imagined.

Unspeakable Secrets
When: 25 Jun 2014 Wed 16:00
Where: Filmhouse 2

The films in Unspeakable Secrets tell stories that are hidden behind the facades of normal life.

Pink Out (SAS - Napier)
Keith Haitkin/UK/2013/10 min
John, the owner of Sauna Sensations is at a crossroads in his profession when one of his employees decides to leave. The recycling is also really starting to pile up.

Chocolate Man (SAS - ECA)
Sarah Eke/UK/2013/12 min
A warm narrative short about a vending machine supplier who supplies chocolate bars for a hospital. Finding a piece of paper from an ill girl in the vending machine one day, he decides to help this girl make her dreams on paper come true.

Beach Boy (NFTS)
Emil Langballe/UK/2013/27 min
A documentary shot in Kenya about a black boy who earns money by accompanying a foreign white woman who comes there for vacation.

Rift (LFS)
Rolf Heldal/UK, Norway/2013/15 min
A short film shot during the winter of 2012 in Oslo, Norway, about a lonely man and his father's dog.

Tongues (LFS)
Nathan Deming/UK/2013/16 min
The comedy/tragedy of Daniel, a guy hopelessly in search of hope: in a London mega- church, in a pastor, in the pastor's hot daughter, and in the mysterious spiritual practice of "tongues".


Price: £5
Tel: 0044-0131-2286382
Add: 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, UK

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Teen Spirit Shorts - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 21 Jun Sat 2014 13:30; 28 Jun Sat 18:20
Where: Cameo 3

Moritz and the Woodwose

From a dark German fable to skateboarders passionate about pickles, these shorts challenge stereotypes of young people. This versatile programme of shorts handpicked by EIFF's Young Programming Team are the best international short films exploring the lives of young people today. Meet rebellious cheerleaders and singing emos, observe conflicts that cross both the schoolyard and the battlefield, and immerse yourself in journeys that are bittersweet and hilarious by turns.

Susana Casares/USA/2013/14 min
Religion and high school acceptance collide in this drama about a Muslim teenager's struggle with cheerleading. Headstrong and strikingly executed.

Half Sour
Sean McGing, Mary Anne Rothberg/USA/2013/16 min
Young skateboarders find solace in each other when they group together to run a New York based pickle business. A warm, insightful documentary about brotherhood.

Letter From An Old Boy
Michael J Ferns/UK/2014/10 min
Heart wrenching and atmospheric, the stories of orphaned Scottish soldiers in the First World War are told through the genuine letters addressed to a Moray children's home.

Moritz and the Woodwose (Moritz und der Waldschrat)
Bryn Chainey/Germany/2013/20 min
When a young boy ventures into the woods, he meets a creature with the ability to solve all of his deepest problems. Dark, thought provoking, and ceaselessly impressive.

Schoolyard (Proavlio)
Rinio Dragasaki/Greece/2013/10 min
Sometimes the innocent school playground battle can mean a whole lot more under the surface. A beguiling and colourful film with an array of definitions.

Emo (the musical)
Neil Triffett/Australia/2013/16 min
A dark-souled emo falls for the Christian do- gooder girl in this endlessly funny musical about high school life and acceptance.

Price: £5
Tel: 0044-0871-9025723
Add: 38 Home St, Edinburgh, UK
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